What Are The Benefits Of Soufeel Wholesale?

If you make bulk orders, we will offer more discounts.

How to join us?


What is Dropship Program?

Want to make money at spare time? Want to start a business but don’t want to hold stock? Soufeel can make that possible by holding the stock for you and shipping it directly to your customers.

Benefits of Dropship:

How to Be a Dropshipper? If you accumulated consumption amount more than AU$1500 within half a year of Soufeel, you can enjoy drop shipping discount:

How to Be a Dropshipper?

Join our drop-shipping program, you will receive a personalized coupon code that you will get the discount, and we will ship products directly and provide the best service. Please contact us if you want to do drop-shipping from us and enjoy your drop-shipping discount.


To sign up for the Wholesale Program, please contact us at reseller@soufeel.com submit the inquiry application with your personal information, the product link, quantity, and additional instructions, etc. Our customer service will contact you within two business days. We appreciate your patience & understanding.